14 Most Memorable TV Moments from 2016

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Now more than ever, there is an endless number of television shows all fighting to capture and retain our attention.

With the TV landscape ranging from superheroes, to procedurals, to historical dramas, to musical comedies, there is something for everyone to enjoy. As the year comes to a close, there are certain scenes that have stayed with us long after they aired.

Here are some of the most memorable TV moments from 2016.


1. The Good Wife — Diane slaps Alicia

There’s nothing more frustrating than a series finale that ends with a slap across the face, both literally and metaphorically. The Good Wife was a stellar show that ended in less than ideal fashion.

After everything these friends and colleagues had been through together, watching Diane slap Alicia across the face was like a slap to the audience’s face for having these two women be on the outs as the show faded to black.

2. The Walking Dead — Negan kills Abraham and Glenn

After leaving everyone in suspense all summer long, The Walking Dead returned to reveal which character was on the receiving end of Negan’s blow.

Turns out it was none other than Abraham, who many viewers suspected.

However, the writers decided to follow the comics and kill off fan favorite, Glenn, next. His death was absolutely brutal and heart-wrenching. To add to all the horror, we had to watch Maggie watch the love of her life die as he called out her name.

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3. Jane the Virgin — Jane and Michael have sex

Jane the Virgin‘s original premise was a virgin woman who found herself accidentally artificially inseminated. However, the show has never just been about that one aspect of Jane’s life.

The show finally allowed Jane and Michael to do the deed, and what made it so perfect was how it wasn’t portrayed in an overly romantic, unrealistic way. Their first time was just okay.

It wasn’t until they tried again that the newlyweds finally found their groove.

4. Game of Thrones — Jon and Sansa reunite

We’ve only been waiting six seasons, and to be quite honest, we weren’t even waiting for THIS reunion. And yet, when it happened, when two of the Stark kids finally laid eyes on each other, we cried.

And we re-watched the scene again and again. This was payoff. This was the reason we watched Game of Thrones. The made everything worthwhile.

5. Orange is the New Black — Poussey is killed

As Orange is the New Black Season 4 started to come to close, audiences were shocked by the sudden death of Poussey during a protest in the cafeteria.

Arguably one of the most well-liked characters on the show, Poussey’s death sparked many conversations about its relation to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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In terms of the show itself, her death exposed the absolute corruption of the prison system, even though we already knew it was terrible, and brought together the different racial inmate groups in order to stand up to the guards. Poussey’s death will certainly have a lasting effect next season.

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