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Jensen Ackles Talks the Return of Dean’s Mother and ‘Supernatural’ Season 12 [Video]

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We caught up with Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the new liability Dean’s mother plays, going all ‘Taken’ to rescue Sam, and Mary’s adjustment to having two adult sons in a modern world.

Despite having their father, surrogate father, and friends around them throughout this Supernatural journey, the two brothers never experienced having a mother by their side.

And Mary has never experienced her two sons as adults (minus any ghostly encounters along the way).

“Mary’s also coming back and finding out that her two sons are not only grown up, but live in a world that she’s completely unfamiliar with as far as modern technology,” Ackles said.

“But they’re also living in a world that she so desperately tried to get out of when she was alive.”

Ackles went on to say that Mary will be a vulnerability for Dean and Sam.

“Essentially [his mother is] another way to force Dean or Sam to do something. Usually it was, Dean only had to worry about his brother. But now, he’s really gonna have to worry about his mother and his brother. Those are essentially liabilities that he’s gotta protect.”

It’s just another issue Dean will have to face before he heads off to rescue Sam from the clutches of the Men of Letters.

Supernatural returns for Season 12 Thursday, October 13th at 9/10c on The CW.

We’ll have more coverage of San Diego Comic-Con coming soon, so stay tuned!

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